The Idea

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We are pleased to announce the start of the Cognitive Science B.A. Programme at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology.

Cognitive science is a domain of science explaining human cognition (e.g. perception, memory, understanding, reasoning, language abilities, problem solving, intelligence, creativity) in terms of: philosophy, psychology, brain functioning; it allows also to create „artificially intelligent” systems posessing above capabilities.

We offer courses (according to the curriculum) in general cognitive science, i.e. in philosophy of mind,  artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, cognitive linguistics and cognitive semiotics, as well as extracurricular courses devoted to special problems of cognitive science (the courses will be announced in a little while), some of them in English.

We invite all candidates interested primarily in (among others):

  • the mystery of mind and consciousness
  • communication using signs (esp. language signs)
  • creating artificially intelligent cognitive systems
  • functioning of the brain
  • psychological explanations of the language faculty, knowledge representation or behavior
  • and many other topics related to mind, language and cognition, as described in the curriculum…

We are looking for creative, interdisciplinary oriented  candidates, who are interested in functioning of human cognition and in influencing the functioning. We offer you an opportunity to co-create your own curriculum (you can choose courses – at least 30% ECTS points) and to decide which path in the forest of cognitive science you will follow. Our students will have an oportunity to choose one of two „paths” of education:

  • the „Artificial Intelligence and Logic” path
  • the „Sign, Language and Communication” path

The programme is realized by the Institute of Philosophy in cooperation with researchers from the Institute of English, the Institute of Computer Science and the Institute of Psychology and with the participation of researchers from Center for Cognitive Semiotics, Lund University, Sweden.

The first enrollment will take place in 2012. Details you will find here.

Check our website for the information on the offered courses, the enrollment rules and the prospects for graduates. If you still have further questions concerning the Cognitive Science programme do not hesitate to send an e-mail: Piotr Konderak, informacje[at]