Drzwi Otwarte 2012

Serdecznie zapraszamy Sz.P.P. kandydatów na studia na doroczne Drzwi Otwarte UMCS, które odbędą się w piątek, 16 marca.
W szczególności zapraszamy osoby zainteresowane kierunkiem kognitywistyka. W budynku Rektoratu będziecie Państwo mogli zapoznać się z ogólną charakterystyką Wydziału i kierunku. Przygotowaliśmy również dla Państwa prezentacje, w trakcie których postaramy się przedstawić samą dziedzinę i jej typowe problemy badawcze.

Obie prezentacje odbędą się w s.301 (III piętro) w budynku Collegium Humanicum (tzw.  Stary Humanik, budynek  „z zegarem”).

CogSci 2012

The 34th annual conference of the Cognitive Science Society

Building Bridges Across the Cognitive Sciences Around the World

will be held in Sapporo, Japan
1-4 August 2012

We encourage researchers from around the world to submit their best basic and applied work in cognitive science to CogSci 2012, and to attend in order to discuss the latest theories and data from the world’s best cognitive science researchers.

 Plenary Speakers: Lawrence W. Barsalou,  Gerd Gigerenzer,  Nancy J. Nersessian; In addition to the invited presentations, the program will be filled with reviewed submissions from the following categories: papers, symposia, presentation-based talks, member abstracts, tutorials, and workshops. Submissions may be in any area of the cognitive sciences, including, but not limited to, artificial intelligence, cognitive architectures, cognitive development, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, education, epistemology, expertise and expert systems, linguistics, logic, machine learning, neural networks, philosophy of science, robotics and social network studies.

Deadline for abstract submissions: February 1, 2012
Submissions must be submitted electronically on the conference submissions web site.

Culture, Communication and Cognition Conference

Culture, Communication and Cognition Conference

Explaining cognitive-cultural components of media and communication

will be held in Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin
7-9 May 2012

The conference is to provide a platform for an interdisciplinary discussion of the interrelations between culture, cognition and communication, with special attention to the cultural and cognitive roles of writing and other media. Anthropologists, communication studies researchers, sociologists, psychologists, philosophers and cognitive scientists are encouraged to challenge ideas concerning the cognitive and cultural functions of communication, language and media. Of particular interest are submissions that explore the interrelations between cognitive science and theories of media and communications, which might be pursued from any of a number of theoretical positions, including: media ecology, medium theory and literacy-orality theory, speech-act theory, critical discourse analysis, semiotics of culture, theory of communicative action and communicology.

Submissions deadline:  29th February 2012

More information: the conference website

Language, Culture and Mind Conference

The 5th Language Culture and Mind conference

Integrating Semiotic Resources in Communication and Creativity

will be held in Universidade Catolica Portuguesa in Lisbon,
27-29 June 2012

The goals of LCM conferences are to contribute to situating the study of language in a contemporary interdisciplinary dialogue, and to promote a better integration of cognitive and cultural perspectives in empirical and theoretical studies of language. This conference series will articulate and discuss approaches to human natural language and to diverse genres of language activity which aim to integrate its cultural, social, cognitive, affective and bodily foundations. We call for contributions from scholars and scientists in anthropology, biology, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, semiotics, semantics, discourse analysis, cognitive and neuroscience, who wish both to share their insights and findings, and learn from other disciplines.

More information: conference website

Aarhus Winter Symposium in Semiotics

„What Are Artworks and How Do We Experience Them”

Winter Symposium at the Center for Semiotics, Aarhus University
January 26th – 28th, 2012

The Center for Semiotics, Aarhus University announces its annual Winter Symposium, this year on the properties of aesthetic objects and the mechanisms involved in their cognition. The purpose of this conference is to investigate the multifarious aspects of the relation between an artwork (visual, literary, or musical) and its objective properties, the meaningful experience of it, and the cognitive skills and acts involved in the latter.

For further info, see www.hum.au.dk/semiotics/

Nijmegen Lectures

The Nijmegen Lectures committee is pleased to announce that the Nijmegen Lectures will take place on January 9th, 10th and 11th, 2012.
The lectures will be given by Nicholas Evans (Australian National University). The title of the lecture series is: Coevolutionary Linguistics: Diversity, Culture, Mind and History. For more detailed information on each of the lectures, including abstracts, please go to the Nijmegen Lectures website http://www.mpi.nl/events/nijmegen-lectures-2011